The A-BUS technology is covered by the following patents - United States US 7,181,023, 7,668,318, 6,389,139; Australia AU 739808; New Zealand NZ 502982; Mexico MX 241196; Canada CA2301062.

A-BUS is a registered trademark of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Australia

Forté A-BUS Multi-Room Packs

A-BUS Multi-Room Packs are available to suit the needs of every installation.
Select a pack appropriate for the number of rooms, number of sources and the type of wall module and/or speaker preferred.

Surface Hub Packs include Wall Modules and Speakers
AB-61 Range - Single Source, 2 Room
AB-62 Range - Single Source, 4 Room
ABX-88 Range - 4 Source, 4 Zone, up to 8 Room

Developer Packs (ABK-4RJB Hub)
DP-4RJB range - Central RCA source wallplate for 2 & 4 rooms

Structured Hub Packs
Based on the ABX-84 & ABX-85 Hubs - 4 Source, 4 Zone Pack with Wall Modules

Active Speaker Packs
Based on the A-BUS/DIRECT Active Speaker, wall modules not required

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