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What is Multi-Room Audio?

Multi-room audio
means having music throughout your home,
where you want it
and when you want it.

Personalized Music

You personalize each room with individual décor and memories. Why not personalize it with individual music from one build-in system? Until recently, this was hard to do. Everybody wanted their own music playing in their own area with large floor standing or bookshelf speakers, amplifiers, CD players & tuners everywhere, creating a cabling nightmare and taking up what limited space was available.

Practically Invisible and Energy Efficient
Multi-room audio systems (also known as home or distributed audio systems) take away the eyesore of large components and provide the ability to share source components (tuner, CD, iPod, etc) from one central area to multiple areas throughout the home. It gives each individual family member a way to express themselves with their own taste of music in their own private space or in a common living area.

Custom Built for your Home and your Lifestyle
Multi-room audio systems are typically custom built-in while the house is being constructed but can also be installed during a remodel or renovation. Speakers are flushed into a wall or ceiling along with control keypads, and are wired back to a central area in your home such as the main living area, kitchen or home theatre room. Keypads consisting of amplified volume controls or remotes allow you to have one touch access in selecting your favorite audio source component and controlling playback, stop, pause, change of disk or station, etc.

Centrally Stored, Locally Controlled
Imagine you can have your classical CD in your bedroom while your children have their hip hop radio station in their room(s), and at the same time your spouse is listening to the iPod on the verandah. Gone are the days where there is an independent system in each room. Everything is shared from one central area yet controlled either via a keypad or handheld remote within each room.

Your home is a reflection of you and your family's personality and lifestyle.
A haven to relax, an environment to support your interests and a place to welcome and entertain visitors.

Affordable Today and Easy to Use

Wow you ask, is this affordable, easy to install and more appropriately… easy to use? Absolutely it is, especially with the revolutionary multi-room audio system A-BUS developed by LeisureTech Electronics. Installed internationally in the UK, the USA (A-BUS Partners) and Australasia, A-BUS is “light switch-simple” to operate.

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