About Forté Electronics

The Art and Science of Quality Sound Reproduction

Forté's spirit goes back to the 1960’s, in the early days of the Hi-Fi industry when excellence in sound reproduction was more an art than a science. Today Forté products represent both art and science. Our objective is always to produce the best quality in the areas we specialise.

Forté is probably best known for its A-BUS technology which is now an industry standard available from many well known companies worldwide. A-BUS represents simplicity in design, installation and excellence in flexibility plus sound quality. Forté offers the most comprehensive product range of A-BUS components available, providing installers and home owners a vast range of solutions for commercial and residential installations.

ABD-C6 speaker

Forté products are designed in Australia and made in our own facility in Thailand. The quality of our products are very important to us. Most importantly we feel the success of our products relies on the amount of use they get well after their newness has worn off. We hope you have many happy years of entertainment from our products.

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